Driving leads, one text at a time- CANADIAN AUTOWORLD

How many texts do you send in a day? Ten, 20…50? Texting has nearly out-muscled calling as the preferred method of communication, and it’s been embraced wholeheartedly by baby boomers and millennials alike. But if that’s the case, why haven’t all dealerships embraced text-based communication and ...

People prefer to text vs call

Statistics show that people prefer to text vs make a call, with some age groups at a rate of 21 to 1!! Knowing this data and not providing your customer a texting option means you are missing out on potential new business. Call Autotextdriver to learn how you can increase your leads and engage your customers like never before!!

Smartphones on your lot!

Customers today have ALL the information they need in the palms of their hands. Statistics show that more than half of the customers on your lot use their smartphones to compare your pricing, payments & offers to your competitors. 22% of those same customers are checking your competitor’s inventory while on your lot!! Now imagine that while they are comparing ...

If you’re using SMS/Text at your dealership…. You’re probably breaking the law!

According to CASL, you need expressed or implied consent in order to send a commercial electronic message to anyone…. which means that if someone sends a message (implies consent for interaction), it is illegal to respond to that person from an alternative source without the expressed consent from that person to do so.

Does your dealership have a texting policy ?

Do you have a written policy that your sales people sign regarding texting from their personal cell phones? Does the policy alert them that they may be liable to participate in any fines the dealership may receive as a result of their actions? We still see salespeople in stores texting customers without an opt-in from their cell phones.