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Driving leads, one text at a time- CANADIAN AUTOWORLD

Do you have a written policy that your sales people sign regarding texting from their personal cell phones?

Does the policy alert them that they may be liable to participate in any fines the dealership may receive as a result of their actions?

We still see salespeople in stores texting customers without an opt-in from their cell phones. Managers in some of these stores have their heads in the sands that “It’ll never happen to us” attitude . All it takes is one customer to find it objectionable and the trouble could start. If you don’t have a policy in place you’re leaving your dealership vulnerable.

We strongly recommend that every employee within the dealership sign a policy that explicitly states the rules of engagement when texting customers. You need to have complete oversight regarding what they are sending your customers. What happens if a sales person who has been texting from their private phone quits? What if they text your customers after they are gone from your store? The simple answer is YOU ARE LIABLE!!! Find a solution that allows you to text customers but ensures you have complete control.

Contact Auto Text Driver to find out how to become a compliant texting dealership and find a solutions that will exceed your expectations.